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How We Started

Hello Friends! I am Dang from Woodmonster, Also DangPaddles!

Story Time

2010, I approached a Greek store to purchase a paddle, but they only had generic designs available. They told me they could create a custom paddle in the shape of a sword from a video game for $200, but I was shocked by the cost. Instead, I decided to use my own woodworking skills to make my own paddle. It quickly gained popularity within the Asian Greek Community, and I started receiving requests from friends and new acquaintances across the country to make paddles for them. I've enjoyed the challenge of coming up with creative designs and seeing the excitement on people's faces when they receive their paddles. My hobby has turned into a passion, and I now have my own shop in Baldwin Park, California, where I can support my parents. Thank you for giving me the motivation and opportunity to turn my passion into a business and be a part of these special memories.

Your Local / Nationwide Black Smith / Creator of the Best Paddles

As your local and nationwide blacksmith, I specialize in creating unique and impressive paddles. I recently started showcasing some of my older paddles that I never got around to posting on social media on my Instagram under the series "UNSEEN PADDLES 1-5." This way, these paddles can be appreciated online and not forgotten. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy my work.


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